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All-In-One! – Racking, Degassing, Filtering & Bottling



This Pump is designed for those who bottle 150 plus at one time or for those                                                        who intend to use it more than the average home winemaker


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All The All In One Wine Pump packages are light weight, made of durable plastic and is easily cleanable. It comes with an in-line vacuum release valve for flow control.

The bottling attachment gives you consistent bottling liquid height. It removes the CO2 every time you use it to transfer. No more bending over for bottling or lifting full carboys ever again

We added additional eyelets on the backside of the unit for organizational purposes

A well balanced handle – for easier carrying

A Internal cooling fan for longer run times

Please check out the Precision vacuum valve to make bottling even more easier !! Click Here

The filter cartridge and filters sold separately: <click here>


Racking Wine – No Lifting Carboys, Degas Easily with The All In One Wine Pump.

wine bottling


Racking Wine is among one of the most important things we can do as winemakers to clarify our wines naturally. It is extremely important after primary fermentation to transfer off the yeast beds, so not to add any sour taste to our existing wine.

Typically we would have to lift approx. 100 pounds plus of the primary with the grape skins and juice for approx. 6 gallons of wine . This can definitely be hard to lift and we can insure that we will feel it in the days to come.  But there is an easier way – The All in one wine pump !  We now can Rack without a difference in height – so that will make better racking’s because of the following

The sediment will be not disturbed prior to racking , unlike traditional racking’s

No lifting carboys or primary fermentation vessel

No height difference needed to transfer your wine

It is very fast and efficient – approx. 4 minutes per 6 gallon carboy

Easy to sanitize and clean (approx. 30 seconds) click here for more details

You can degas easily as you rack your wine, using the All In One Wine Pump.

The All In One Wine Pump is extremely portable – and light and very dependable to make your life easier.

While adding any chemicals ( sorbate , sulfite ,etc.) it is best to put the chemicals in the carboy that you are transferring into then start your transfer. This process will make sure that all your wine is mixed properly.

When racking you must go into a glass vessel in order to be able to start a vacuum and have the process work.


While you are racking your wine you will notice that there is foam on top of your wine. This is normal – this is CO2 that is being removed out of your wine. Typically it only takes several transfers to remove most all your CO2 using the All In One Wine Pump. There is no need to do several racking’s back to back if you have the pump from the beginning of your wine making process.

Note –

If you have a smaller vessel that you are going into – make sure that the vessel is above the one that you are pulling from as gravity will take over and continue to flow the wine. You can always pinch off the racking hose as you manually transfer the bung assembly into another waiting carboy.



Bottling homemade wine is actually fun now using the Allinonewinepump !


Wine bottling

Simply leave the full carboy on the floor and place your bottles on a table or a bench above the carboy height. I recommend using a milk crate or something similar to hold your bottles upright while filling them. Placing a desktop light behind the bottles makes it easier to see those darker bottles to see where the liquid height in the bottle.

First hook up all necessary hoses – the red taped end will attach to the red taped tube on the bottle filler. There is a red line on the bottle filler tube – if you cover the line the wine filling process will be much faster and if you pull back the tubing to keep the red line exposed the filling process will be slower but more controllable, especially for first timers.

The other tube goes to your racking cane and then to you wine source. You can use your own racking hose for this process as it is more flexible rather than the vacuum resistant hose that comes in the package. If you decide to use the one that comes with the pump – place the end of the hose under hot water or in a cup of hot water and then it will make it easier to install onto the bottling attachment.

Always sanitize all equipment prior to bottling – click here for details

Turn the pump on – place one hand on the push button valve and the other hand is now holding the bottle filling attachment. Place the attachment on the bottle and it will start filling immediately. The wine is being filled along the side of the bottle to prevent foaming and to reduce agitation of the wine. Once the bottle is approx ½ full press the vacuum release for a second to slow the process down a bit. The wine will continue to fill the bottle till you get closer to your tube that is filling your bottle. When you slightly go over that mark – press and hold the vacuum release and it will automatically suck out the excess wine back into the carboy. Pull out the bottling attachment and start the entire process over, this should be approx 15 seconds per bottle.  This will give you consistent liquid height in every bottle without spilling between bottles.


Note ;

Always use water the first time until you become comfortable using this process


The vacuum release valve only needs to be cleaned out with warm water – do not use sulfites as it will hurt the valve. There is no reason that it needs to be sulfated because it is only vacuum that is going thru it or excess wine that is going into the overflow bottle to protect your pump.

The overflow bottle which is attached to the Allinonewinepump should be emptied once it reaches no more than the ½ way point otherwise there can be internal damage caused to the pump.


Parts that are included with Wine Pump package:
Complete: Standard plus degassing and filtering:

Heavy duty vacuum pump with built in thermal protection

Internal cooling fan for longer run times


Reservoir attachment

Upgradeable Stainless steel attachments 

Complete user manual

Wine Bottling attachment

Precision vacuum valve already assembled to Reservoir attachment

5 feet of vacuum resistant racking hose
 #6.5 – 2 hole tapered bung w/ vacuum elbow
Vacuum release with 6’ of ¼’’ hose – all color coded ends
Two 5′ vacuum resistant racking hoses
1/4 NPT to 3/8 barb adapters – for filter housing
9″ Wine splash racking cane #7.0 bung

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

Additional information

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Professional Home Winemaker, Professional Home Winemaker with Stainless Steel Kit

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10 reviews for NEW – Professional version for the Home Winemaker

  1. im & Meleece DeRoest

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for a truly great wine pump! My wife and I just finished bottling this years Chardonnay and Meritage. My back says kudo’s to the developer of this fine instrument. The last time we made wine it was a major chore. I spent more time wrestling full Carboys to allow for hand siphoning along with bottling that almost had me in traction 😉 A toast to the maker and a full 5 stars!


    Been using this product over a year and have bottled 40 carboys or about 1200 bottles and no issues. We usually do 90 bottles at a time before recovering from the constant tasting 🙂

  3. bill

    omg, I’ve been living in the dark ages. this system is superior in every way! Where has it been all my life?
    I received the all in one wine pump a few days ago and have used it to transfer (racking canes), splash rack/de-gas (splash attachment), filter (filter not included), and bottle 12 gallons of melomel. it worked sooo much better than my old buen vino mini. my back doesn’t hurt, my kitchen isn’t sticky, and it took significantly less time to complete all the tasks. no stooping, no heavy lifting, no leaking filter pads spraying delicious mead where it doesn’t belong.
    5 million thumbs up. +1 happy consumer

  4. Mark Anderson

    We recently completed bottling of our 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. We did it over two sessions and used our new “Pro Version” All In One pump for the job. We did 60 gallons in the 1st session and over 95 gallons in the second session. That little pump is a great work horse for us! It never over-heated and we surely put it through the paces! Besides bottling, we use the pump to pull a vac on the Head-Space-Eliminator for carboys. We also use it to vac rack from carboy to carboy for de-gassing. This little pump is the best tool in the shed!

  5. Kelly Schauf

    This is a great product. The owners of this company came out to Sun Prairie to do a demo of the machine. I waited about a week or so before purchasing it. It makes re racking of carboys a snap. Also used it for bottling. If you do it right, you get just the right level of wine in the bottle prior to corking.

  6. Charles Erickson

    I have my share of siphon tubes slipping out of the carboy and wine on the floor. I am done with that!

    I received my All-In-One unit last week. This is a well engineered piece of equipment. It’s fast and efficient to rack my carboys. I probably spent more time putting it away than I did doing the work. It really de-gasses as you splash rack. I was amazed at how much gas was in my wine.

    Steve is very knowledgeable about the product and home wine making. He quickly answered all my questions in detail.
    Thank you for inventing this product!

  7. Michael R Alspaugh

    I have been making wine from my over 100 fruit tress for just over one year now. Having made 15 – 6 gallon batches of fruit wine and two – 3 gallon batches of hard cider I believe I am now in the club. I like things in my life to be smooth and tidy. Before I got my pump I was racking the old way with a manual pump. It did the job but it was messy having the filling tube slip out of the carboy and onto the floor more than a few times AHHHHHH! I found info on the All in one wine pump and watched some videos. Then I sent Steve a private message. He called me right away and answered any questions I still had after watching the videos on it and reading the reviews. I pulled the trigger just before Christmas and it came less than a week later. Wow!!! at first I said is this going to be a pain putting together and then I saw all the tubes were color coded and the instructions covered the questions that the color codes did not. I racked my first six gallons in about six minutes after running a little bit of sanitizing solution through the lines to be sure everything was clean. NO MESS NO FUSS and my wife was like “this thing is a great addition because I don’t have to hold anything to keep it in the Carboy” I used the headspace eliminator after I racked it to get as much air out as possible. Then last weekend I bottled 24 bottles of my apple wine and it was a breeze with the volume control valve that Steve recommended. I’m in this for the long haul and if you are too and love home made wine and ciders you need to get this pump to make things so much cleaner and easier. Don’t do things cheaply or they will taste like you did and that’s not why we home brewers do this we do it for the best we can make. We are putting this stuff in our bodies so we should do everything we can to make it perfect and this pump is as valuable to me for that reason as all my carboys and my fruits and everything else I need to make a enjoyable product that I am proud of when I share it with friends and family.

  8. Jason

    Oh my gosh, this thing is amazing! I have been making wine for about two years now. Being an engineer, I devised a similar system that worked, but not perfectly. Decided to buy the All In One Wine Pump. Best decision ever! Not only are you getting a great pump (which is difficult to find), but you get the benefit of years of research and connections that work perfectly for what we are trying to do. It is literally a turnkey device. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. Steve is great with his customer service and is more than willing to help walk you through the set up if you need it

  9. Susan H

    I love this pump! It ran nonstop as long as I needed, bottling 60 gallons at a time. It is powerful, so the work goes fast. When I got careless and overfilled the backflow bottle, excess liquid was blown out of the motor box via the new exhaust pipe. Love it! Steve was so interested in hearing my opinions about the process, asking if anything could be improved. My answer was “No!”. This engineer must really be a winemaker, because he made this pump with every step (and inevitable snafu) taken into consideration.
    I love this pump!

  10. Michele Cavanaugh

    The All in One Wine Pump Pro Version is the very best decision we have made for our homemade wine making, it has taken our wine to a whole new level we could have never achieved before. We couldn’t be more pleased with it and all the time it saves us and no more breaking our backs lifting and moving full carboys. Everything is color coded for ease of assembly and operation. In the short time we have had this we have racked 95 gals of wine, filtered & bottled 6 gals of wine all in record time. What used to take us 6 hrs to do we can do in 2 hrs now. We can’t wait until we have more wine ready to rack/bottle so we can use this again! We also purchased All in One Pressure Washer/sanitizer to clean/sanitize our bottles and carboys with much ease and portability and it is also a fabulous time saver and so easy to use and put together (less than 10 minutes to assemble.) Time is saved for more fun things like tasting and drinking our wine. Steve’s customer service is off the charts, we actually feel more like friends than customers. Thanks so much Steve!

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